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Laurien Bottema


It comes natural to me to think about what I do and what I eat. As a physical therapist I have been occupied with my own and other bodies since 1992. My health is important to me because without it, I cannot live the way I want to live. Moving is the thing i cannot go without. And in order to keep fit, I also try to eat balanced. Fruit, vegetables, proteine and grains are a big part of my meals. Ofcourse there is also space for some chocolate and a glass of wine, I am no saint. Thru a friend I got to know Ringana in 2012. I decided to become partner in April of 2013. I will never regret my choice. I found what I had been looking for for a long time.
  My skin is happy with the fresh cosmetics, my inner body gets some uplift with the Packs and for problems I can find solutions with the Caps.

Laurien Bottema (1966), mother of two sons(both partner Ringana too) and living with a nice man. Based in Tegna, Switserland and Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.


A 'green' company based in Austria, that applies it self since 1996 with developing products for our body, caring for the inside and the outside, with the emphasis of doing it as environment friendly, sustainable and ethical as possible. The products do not contain preservatives, no mineral oils, no perfume, ecc, but only the best ingredients available. Precisely proportioned compositions of ingredients to have an optimal action in our body.The products are vegan, interesting for a large group of consumers. Ringana is not available in shops, and goes straight from the factory to the client otherwise the company cannot guarantee the freshness. That is why everything Ringana makes is 'so fresh'.


'So fresh'is unique in the world. It means that the are no preservatives in the products, so there are 'best before' the date written on the packaging. The two starting-points of what you can find on my website. Even the products in a health shop, which already have a superb quality, contain often negative ingredients because the need to have a shelf life of at least 30 months. The body care of Ringana keeps 6 months, the supplements one year., Dea and Chi 3 months. The ingredients used are gathered when they are ripe and elaborated on the spot, so there is an optimal quantity of active ingredients present. All is made on the knowledge of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine.

The body care productrs do not contain any mineral, but only vegetable oils which will keep our water clean. The face care is available for four different skin types. The shampoo and conditioner have no silicons in them. The deodorant is made without aluminum. The sunscreen is mineral based so does not need a reaction period as regular sunscreens do who have a chemical reaction in the skin to work. For the face care and body care samples are available.

The supplements, Packs and Caps, give us whatever we do not get from the food we buy in the shops. Often the food we buy lack vitamins, minerals and wholesome herbs because it has been gathered to early so it is unripe. And then it takes days or weeks before it ends up on your plate, It would be best if you would have your own vegetable garden and orchard. But nowadays that is not that easy. So that is where Ringana could come in and be something extra for your health. Packs give us our daily need of vitamins, minerals and fibers. Shaken with 2 dl of water or juice. A free shaker comes with a first order of Packs. Caps are full of curative herbs and spices for an individual necessity, to cure or to prevent. I am available for all customers to give advice on what could be useful. Dea is mixed with 7 dl of water. Chi can be taken as a shot or mixed with 7 dl of water.

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'So free'. Work whenever, wherever and as much as you want. You can be a Ringana-partner all over Europe, you even could be working during your holidays. 'Chances to work without risks', it is often said but usually not true. Ringana is transparent.
You could become a partner to get provision over your own purchases, or to help others live a healthier life. No obliged acquisitions, of merchandise, no obliged acquisitions of clients, no storage of products that you might not be able to sell.
You can be your own boss and manage your work schedule and work load. Start small, like i did, and grow as much as you want. A new challenge where you encounter lots of people. Network marketing. A new impulse that movitates you everyday to get going with a smile on your face. Once you are convinced of the products and their quality yourself, you are off to a great future. You will not be on your own.You have me on the sideline as your mentor. so you can realize your dreams. Small courses, conventions and more are available to get you started, motivated and to get product knowledge.


Choose, pay online and in 5 to 7 days the products will be delivered to your home.
Shipment charges: unto 60 euros of merchandise 10 euros, 60-120 euros 5 euro,s over 120 euros free.
The Ringana-webiste is automatically switched to German, but you can change it easily to English or another language.

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